100% Bamboo Wadding Crib Size - 152.4 x 114.3cm


Bamboo wadding is made of 100% natural, soft bamboo fibre, manufactured without chemicals and bleach and is thought to have anti-bacterial properties

Textiles made using bamboo are much more breathable than those made from synthetic materials, and therefore are perfect for use as a wadding within a hand or machine quilt, or garment but also for home décor, bags, wall hangings, doll making and applique

As bamboo is a fast-growing, sustainable crop, this Sew Easy wadding is eco-friendly as well as being biodegradable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Shrinkage is less than 5%.

Item size: (l/w) 152.4 x 114.3cm. 45" x 60"

Sizes are approx

Cold wash only